Burning Bush Trails Park Redevelopment

This amazing project will begin in Fall 2019 and will have stepping-stone finish dates

• June 2020 for the playground, athletic courts, and paths
• May 2021 for the athletic fields

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The Burning Bush Community Center will be open during all the construction, but the rest of the park will be closed from Fall 2019 through early June 2020. After that, the athletic field will need a season to grow in and will be fenced off for another year. Burning Bush Trails Park will be a showpiece when completed!

River Trails Park District received confirmation from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for a $400,000 OSLAD grant (Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development) for Burning Bush Trails Park.  It is currently one of the heaviest used parks in the district and the third largest park with a total of 10 acres. There will be two phases of construction, the first phase will begin autumn 2019 and is expected to finish in spring of 2020. The total cost of the project is 1.8 million dollars, with the OSLAD grant being dedicated to phase one.

Construction for phase one of the park will include new innovative and highly interactive park equipment for all ages with an important key component of increasing ADA accessibility. Phase one of the project will include:

  • new playground equipment with swings
  • two pickleball courts
  • shoot-around basketball court
  • ping pong
  • sand play
  • micro soccer field
  • redeveloped futsal and roller hockey courts
  • tennis court and bang wall
  • fitness stations
  • passive gardens with pollinator education area
  • open play space
  • hammocks bollards
  • shelters
  • walking paths that will facilitate access throughout the site.

Phase two of the park will include a new water detention space by lowering the baseball and soccer fields by four feet to hold excessive storm water. The River Trails Park District and the Village of Mount Prospect are working together on both phases of the park project.

Click on the backpack to see new playground features that will be added!