Kid Squad


Kid Squad Connect is an extension program of Kids Squad that offers child care during the day at the River Trails Park District to meet the needs of local parents and children during remote and hybrid learning. The River Trails Park District will offer a safe and supervised e-learning environment from 7:15 am to end of school day Monday-Friday.

Ages: 1st through 8th grades.
Options: Five-day, Three-day, and Two-day options are available.

KID SQUAD UNPLUGGED- After School Option

The Kid Squad Unplugged program is available for parents who need extended supervision for their children after school hours.  Separate registration and additional fees apply.

  • Face coverings are required
  • Children will be assigned to a small group
  • Nonperishable snacks, lunch, and water bottle to be brought from home
  • Curbside drop off and pick up
  • Frequent hand washing/sanitizing
  • Children bring school supplies from home


(Not available at this time.  This program runs in concert with the school districts current phase/offering.  This program will return when the schools go back to Hybrid/On-Premise learning.)

Our KSC Hybrid option is available for those choosing to participate in the hybrid (in-person & virtual) learning schedules offered by RTSD26.  Full week options are available for both morning (AM) and afternoon (PM) e-learning needs. Kindergarten ages groups are welcome.

Ages:  Kindergarten through 8th grades
Options:  Only a 5-day option available for KSC Hybrid sessions.

Is your child in Hybrid schooling- attending class at the school in the morning- and attending our KSHybrid-PM program, BUT you still need before school care?  No problem!

Kid Squad Connect Hybrid PM- Before School Care–  is for parents that need before school care and are registered for KSC Hybrid PM with the River Trails Park District. You may drop off as early as 7:30am at the Zone and School District #26 will transport the kids from the Zone to school in the morning and back to the Zone for the afternoon Hybrid program with RTPD. If you need aftercare you will need to register for Unplugged After Care separately for an additional fee. Before school care is no charge for any student registered for KSC Hybrid PM.

Please note the following:

These programs do not meet when school is not in session. See Hit the Trails, for school days out programming..
Participants in e-Learning must supply their own laptops, charger, extension cord, and headphones with a microphone.  Our Staff are not teachers and are solely there to make sure your child spends their day working on their e-Learning.  We do not offer IT support, that will be up to you and your child if any situations arise.

Program Grade Levels Times
Kid Squad Connect- All Day e-Learn 1-8 7:30am-3:30pm
KSC Hybrid AM K-8 7:30-11:30am
KSC Hybrid PM K-8 11:30am-3:30pm
KSC Hybrid PM- Before School Care K-8 7:30-Start of School
Kid Squad Unplugged 1-8 3:30-5:30pm

For more information feel free to call the River Trails Park District office at 847.255.1200, or read the Kid Squad Connect Parent Manual in the virtual backpack area of this webpage

Thank You,
River Trails Park District

The River Trails Park District is now taking applications for our Kid Squad Connect program, an e-learning child care program.. We offer flexible hours and a variety of positions. To view the job postings and apply, visit,

Location:  The Zone

Session Session Registration Deadline (Full Balance Due) Initial Installment Payment
Q2- Session 4
Nov 30-Dec 18 (3 weeks) Nov 23 (7 days prior to session start) 25% at the time of registration
Q3- Session 1
Jan 5-Jan 15  (2 weeks- no school on Jan 4) TBD 25% at the time of registration



Kid Squad Connect Days Fees
Q2- Session 4 Monday- Friday $450R/$470N
Q2- Session 4 Mon, Wed, Fri $270R/$290N
Q2- Session 4 Tue, Thu $180R/$200N
Q3- Session 1 Monday- Friday $270R/$290N
Q3- Session 1 Mon, Wed, Fri $150R/$170N
Q3- Session 1 Tue, Thu $120R/$140N


Kid Squad Hybrid – offered during on premises schooling Days Fees
Q2- Session 4- AM Mon-Fri $225R/$225N
Q2- Session 4- PM Mon-Fri $225R/$225N
Hybrid PM Before School Care Mon-Fri $0- for those enrolled in Hybrid PM


Kid Squad Unplugged – Q2 Days Fees
Q2- Session 4 Monday-Friday $225R/$225N
Q2- Session 4 Mon, Wed, Fri $135R/$135N
Q2- Session 4 Tue, Thu $90R/$90N
Q3- Session 1 Monday-Friday $135R/$155N
Q3- Session 1 Mon, Wed, Fri $75R/$90N
Q3- Session 1 Tue, Thu $60R/$72N