Special Interests

The River Trails Park District offers numerous activities for youth and teens! Check out our current special interest class and Parkour Programs. Youth also enjoy our summer camps, dance and athletic programming.


Gears, Gears, Gears!

Explore gears using LEGOS, as we work in teams of two, to make a clock, spin a top and learn how to make a paper crimper and more. Min. 6 /Max. 12

Age Location Day Time Date Code & Fee
4-6yrs The Zone Mondays 6-7pm Jan 23-Feb 13 #24823 $58R/$70N

Rockin’ Guitars
Learn to rock on the guitar! We cover the basics: chords, scales, rhythm and songs. Have your own guitar? Bring it! If not, we’ll supply one. Chad Berardi currently rocks Chicago with his own band, has been playing for 25 years and teaching for 14. Min. 4/Max. 8

Age Location Day Time Date Code & Fee
7-14yrs Weiss Community Center Tuesdays 4:30-5pm Jan 17-Feb 21 #24289 $75R/$90N
7-14yrs Weiss Community Center Tuesdays 4:30-5pm Feb 28-Apr 11 #24290  $75R/$90N
 7-14yrs  Weiss Community Center Tuesdays 4:30-5pm  Apr 18-May 30  #24291 $75R/$90N

Crime Scene Investigation

Get ready to become part of the biggest crime scene of the century! Did you commit the crime or the friend sitting next to you? It’s up to you to solve the crime using CSI techniques used by the experts. Think Digital Microscopes to examine fingerprints, hair and powder samples left at the crime scene and so much more. The last class will end with a class participating crime scene activity. Which one of your classmates is the suspect in the case? Possibly, maybe…even you! Min. 6 /Max. 10

Age Location Day Time Date Code & Fee
7-9yrs The Zone Mondays 6-7pm Apr 10-May 1 #24685 $58R/$70N

Secret Agents Spybotics 
Are you ready for the challenge? Students will enter the world of secret agents, high tech robots and are headed on a journey around the globe to complete daring missions. Teams of secret agents will be challenged to build and program their LEGOS Spybot’s to complete these missions. There is no time to waste. Let’s go agents. The countdown has begun.

Age Location Day Time Date Code & Fee
8-12yrs Gary Morava Rec Center Mondays 6-7:30pm Feb 27-Mar 13 #24767 $65R/$78N