Adult Bags

Age: 21yrs and up
Location: Rob Roy Golf Course Lounge
Time: 6:30-10:30 pm
Fee: $65R/$78N per team
Registration Deadline: January 8

Join the largest bags league around! A perfect game to play and socialize with friends. Two person teams play three games up to 21 points each night. 10th Hole Bar & Grill is open during play along with flat screens televisions with sports channels with the latest games. If number of teams allow, teams may also play one to two Thursday nights.  This league is broken up based on skill level, divisions vary with season.

Division I – Top Level
Division II – Advance Level
Division III – Mid-Level
Division IV – Intermediate
Division V – Beginner Level


Seasonal Bags Tourney

A one night tourney is a perfect time to hang out, practice or check things out fo rthe upcioming league. Teams guaranteed 3 games to 21 points.  10th Hole Bar & Grill open during play.  Min 4/Max 16.

Age: 21ys and up
Location: Rob Roy Golf Course Clubhouse
$12R/$15N per team

How to Register for the League

Registration can only be done at the Weiss Community Center, 1500 E. Euclid Avenue, Mount Prospect, IL 60056. For more information contact Vance Violante, Recreation Manager at 847.255.1200.